Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Granite for a Steal

I was at Home Depot yesterday to pick up some supplies.  Twice I passed this pushcart full of 12x12 tiles up by the front.  Well, despite the neverending list of projects - tiling has never been one of them.  So I didn't even glance down as I passed it.

But when I happened to go by the third time, I actually looked down and saw, not ceramic tiles priced at $1/sq.ft. like I had previously assumed - but granite.  That's right - granite tiles for $1 a sq. ft.


It looked like they were selling off remnants or odd packages.  They only had two packs of the granite - everything else looked like other high-end stone like slate.  But the granite caught my eye - so pretty.  It really only took me a second to go from "Huh?" to "Done deal!" and I was loading them in my cart.  Nevermind that they only had 10 sq. ft. which isn't enough to do our countertops, or a complete bathroom project.  I'll think of somewhere to use them.

Here's the color - Golden Garnet.  I liked that it is pretty neutral colored so it will work well wherever it finds a home.

Sells for $84.55 a case.  Total score!

When I was checking out, the cashier wasn't sure how to ring them up because they didn't have a bar scan.  So he called over his manager, who proceeded to try and give me all 10 sq. ft. for $2 because she thought it was $1/pack.  But I have a strong honesty streak and ridiculously spoke up that it should be $10.  Because it's still a good deal.  The $2 would have just been a better story.

Could there be a kitchen island in the works?  Or a new shower surround?  This one is going to be on the backburner for a LONG time - so I'm not rushing to decide.

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