Monday, August 30, 2010

West Elm Bedding

I want to get a duvet cover for the Master Bedroom.  We've collected quite a few comforters over the years and they are all in pretty good shape - so I like the idea of getting a new look through a disguise rather than throwing out perfectly good blankets.

I've put off buying a duvet cover for one reason mostly - they are horribly overpriced.  They are basically giant pillowcases - yet they routinely cost as much as an actual comforter or quilt.  Something's not right.

If you are looking on a steal on duvet covers, I suggest taking a look at  They seem to have quite a few nice looking ones for reasonable prices (around $40).

However, I'm really digging West Elm's duvet selection.  They have some beautiful colors, nice modern designs, are not horribly overpriced, and have the option of matching Euro pillowcases.

I admit that when I first decided on a purple color scheme in the bedroom, my first thought of bedding was the Organic Pin-Tuck Duvet Cover from West Elm for $99 (full/queen).

Of course, Target has a knock-off version for $79.99 called the Kissing Pleat Comforter Set.  Notice it's a comforter set (not a duvet cover) and comes with a bedskirt and shams.

I instantly thought of this look because I remember how beautiful I thought it was when they debuted the color.  However, the pin-tuck/kissing-pleat design has become so ubiquitous it's boring me now.  So moving along.

This won't work in my room at all, but I LOVE it.  $59 for full/queen

I also love this one.  Glam! (Also $59)

But this is the one I want.

I know, not purple.  I need to get downtown to the West Elm store and see this baby in person.  Online it looks like the perfect shade of gold to go with the wallpaper and potential pillows/upholstery fabric.

It's not terribly expensive - $79 for the duvet and $24 for each Euro sham.  But a sale would be super nice.  Or maybe even a Target knock-off of it's own?

P.S.  So I wrote this post ahead of time on Saturday to have it posted on Monday.  On Sunday night, I turned on HGTV to my new fave design goddess/TV host Emily Henderson's special, Secrets from a Stylist.  And what do I see?  My West Elm bedding!  Well, if it gets her thumbs up, I can't be going too wrong.

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