Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls' Room - Hiding the Fake Window

Every room needs an eyesore right?

This is my girls' room/guest room.  It has two real windows, and then this window - which looks into my office.  Currently, we have a desk with a hutch against the fake window on the other side, so really, it looks into the back of my desk.

Don't forget the World's Ugliest and Weirdest Placed Plug-In.  Oh, they don't offer awards for that?

And yes - there is something written on the window frame.  It says "I Heart Me." Our landlord's daughter lived in this room before us and it was completely covered in graffiti.  I'm glad she has such good self esteem and all - but she even wrote on the ceiling.  With permanent marker.  And lots of it.

Did you notice my striped ceiling?  I still absolutely love it.  I had to repaint the ceiling anyway (because of the graffiti), so I went for fun.  However, it was NOT fun to do this.  In fact I got really dizzy measuring, penciling straight lines, and then taping.  A laser level would have been really useful, but I didn't realize I should have gotten one until I was pretty far into the process - and by then it didn't seem worth it to buy one.

I've tried various ways of hiding the window.  I tried a mirror.  Yes, the mirror in the picture.  That's pretty much life here - lots of things laying about with no home.  Anyway, the mirror worked because it hid the window.  Unfortunately, you could only see the upper part of your face because it was so high.

So I thought I could hide the window with an armoire.  I wanted one with drawers on the bottom so we could put the TV in it, and still have storage for clothes and bedding.  The boyfriend found this one for free and I was super excited.  But free is sometimes free for a reason.  It's lovely particle board and not holding up too well.  I re-glued the parts that were coming apart and placed the side with ugly holes in it against the wall.  So it'll work for right now.

Only it doesn't hide the ugly window.  Even flat against the wall - it is not wide enough.  I angled it because the door to the room is to the left - so if I kept it flat against the wall it felt like you were immediately walking into the side of the armoire when you entered the room.

So I think we'll do a little furniture switcheroo and put the bed under the window.  I spent a lot of time searching for tall headboards last night. 

I'd love to build this one myself from Knock-Off Wood's plans, but I wouldn't be able to do the curves until pretty high up (the top of the window is 70 inches from the floor) - so I think it would look stupid.

I started thinking of a nice tufted headboard.  Something like this only taller.

And then I found this picture and LOVE it.  Notice how the pale pink on the inside of the canopy even matches the pale pink already on the ceiling?  Of course it'll be a twin, so much smaller, but I think if I can do it right it will both look elegant and be useful for hiding the fake window.  And I can still do a cute tufted headboard.

I have the ribbon and probably use something like white cotton duck for the white part.  So now I'll have to find the perfect shade of dusty pale pink in a silk or taffeta or something else equally glam feeling.

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