Friday, August 20, 2010

Unplanned Break

I am trying my best to be very consistent with my blog posts (despite the fact that no one so far has read anything on here), but this week was one of those times when it was just unavoidable.  Tuesday, I was cooking in my kitchen when all the power in the middle of my house went off.  That's the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and office.  Lovely.  I figured I had tripped something and tried to figure it out.  We have 3 electrical boxes (2 in the house and one on the outside).  I tried all of them but couldn't find that anything had flipped.  So I called the boyfriend to come home and help.  He couldn't figure it out either, but he did run an extension cord to the fridge from another room so that our food didn't spoil in the 100+ temperatures we're enjoying here in Texas.

So my landlords finally came today to fix the problem.  They ran into the same thing as us - couldn't figure it out.  An electrician was called.  What did he do - flipped an outside breaker a few times and wallah!  Turns out the thing was just a little loose.  Lovely.

But oh - how wonderful electricity is once you've been doing without.

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