Monday, August 23, 2010

Chevron - Yes Please

I have been wanting to incorporate some chevron into my house for a while now.  Hopefully it's a trend that will stick around for at least a few years.  I love the bold pattern with the muted colors of this fabric.

It's Premier Prints ZigZag Village Blue/Natural. has it for only $6.98/yard - which is really affordable, especially since they offer free shipping when you spend $35 or more and often have coupons floating about.

I think I'll be using it in my master bedroom.  I've been holding off doing anything in there.  It is such a disaster area.  I see beautiful color schemes or inspiration photos and get all excited, but I was having a hard time forcing myself to pick a direction.  Currently there's not a single piece of furniture in the room that I'm tied to in any way.  Sort of a blank slate.

A really ugly blank slate.

However, I do have some things on hand - and I should use them.

I have a gallon of a pretty cream color, "Heavy Cream."  It's close to the new Martha Stewart color of the same name.

I bought this 5x7 rug at Target forever ago.  I think I paid around $70.  I was so happy that I bought it when I did, because the next time I went they had the exact same rug, but they had tweaked the colors.  Instead of being lovely and muted, they were more saturated.  Does this happen to anyone else?  They also did it with a set of dishes that I bought - they still have the exact design, but the color is just slightly different.  It's really aggravating

Then, a couple of years later (but still several years ago), I bought this wallpaper.  Also from Target.  It was clearanced out to $7 a roll and I bought two because that was all they had.  I'm not usually a wallpaper gal so I didn't really realize that 2 rolls of wallpaper isn't very much.  I had no idea where I would use it - just that I liked it and that it was nice, textured wall-paper.  And I knew it was a bargain.  I've thought of putting it in almost every room in my house at some point, but never pulled the trigger.

So I think my color scheme is coming together.

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