Monday, August 23, 2010

Sherwin Williams - Today's Colors

I saw this palette when I was searching the Sherwin-Williams website and immediately fell in love.

Today's Colors at Sherwin-Williams

I thought, "It's so bad that I don't have a room I can do these colors in."  I saved the file in my design file and thought, "Maybe the next house."

But a couple of days later, it occurred to me that I did have a room I could use the colors in!

I'm redoing my son's room but I hadn't nailed down a color for the walls yet.  The boyfriend and I had both wanted a blue color, but hadn't found one we liked yet.  We're going to continue the trim from the living room (since the two rooms flow into each other).  That was pretty much the only color I knew we were using.  It's pretty close to the darker taupe color above.

When I saw the picture again, I thought, "That blue is close to the blue that I'm painting the bookshelves for Atticus's room."  And voila - lightbulb moment!

So which color for the walls?

How fortuitous that we actually already have a GALLON of a remarkably close yellow.  Back when we were painting the living room, I bought several gallons of coordinated colors with the idea of painting the rooms that flow off of the living room.  Seems I had forgotten about that.

So I painted a test swatch today.  It's not a terribly huge difference since the walls are already yellow - but they instantly looked much less "crazy bus yellow" and more "antiqued yellow."  Me likes.

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