Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Ramblings and Pretty Tables

I'm very aggravated with myself because I worked very hard to finish a project for this week.  Anyone who reads blogs knows that it's all about "the big reveal" and I've yet to have one.  I'll give you a hint - this one involves the windows in my girls' room.  I am literally THIS close - but I'm missing some hardware.  No biggie - but when you're a one-car family with a boyfriend who works 2 jobs, you have to wait your turn.  And unfortunately, four tiny pieces of hardware aren't high on the priorities list (especially since I was just at Home Depot).

In other news - I had 2 comments yesterday!  Holy cow!  You should have seen the excitement around here.  I had no idea anyone had found this blog, much less would be bothered to comment.  Thanks so much!  (Hopefully they won't be the last...)

Now, on to some pretty stuff.

I need another side table in my girls' room.  I have one already that I got on clearance at Target for $12 - love!  But it's too big for a bedside table if I move the bed by the door like planned - so I'm going to keep it by the reading chair and get a smaller table for the bed.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a great contender.  I loved all these as I flipped through my Grandin Road catalog, but they're a bit too big.

Spring Chair (I like it in white better), $99

The last one is my favorite.

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