Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life on a Canal

My grandparents had a house on a canal in southern Louisiana and my father-in-law lives on one in Florida.  Both are locations where I would rather not live on the water.   ("Come on in, Mr. Alligator.")  However, I do find them to be a rather romantic place to live.

I watched the fabulous movie Hope and Glory a few weeks back.  It's about a young boy growing up during WWII.  His grandfather lived on a shallow river.  Since gas (petrol) was rationed, they traveled to and from the house via the water.  Such a lovely way to live.

I absolutely love the gondola.  They had a rowboat for practicality, but the gondola is pure heaven.

Too bad canal-living is a bit scarce in central Texas where we are almost constantly in drought conditions.  But a girl can dream.

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