Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tilbury Lapis

I found a picture of this great fabric by Kravet and knew I wanted some throw pillows made out of it for the new living room. 

It's Laura Ashley Tilbury Lapis and I've heard rumors that it is priced around the $50-60/yard mark, but I didn't find any online to buy.  Even looking for remnants on Ebay or  I should have known to look to blogs first - they have the answer to everything.

Habitually Chic and Bazaar of Serendipity both had posts uncovering the knock-off.  At Calico Corners, of course.

It's even called Tilbury Lapis and looks identical - except for the $24.99/yard price tag.

Robert Allen also has a fairly similar, but not identical, version - Khanjali Peacock:

It looks really green in the sample pic, but here is a pillow for sale on Etsy made with the same fabric and it looks more blue:

The Robert Allen version is currently backordered on the Lewis and Sheron's website, and priced at $49.99 at Joann's, but another blogger, Lauren Losefast, found it at Online Fabric Store for $15.25/yard. 

I'm leaning toward the Robert Allen version and not just because it's cheap.  Although, cheap is good because ikat is fairly trendy and you should never invest big bucks in trendy items.  Overall it is more green than I would like, but unlike the original it has more of the peacock blue that I'm using in splashes throughout the room.  So overall I think it will work better.

Yay for blogs - where would I be without them?


  1. Hello,

    I own Trendy Pillows on Etsy and the blue came out more blue than turquoise in my picture due to a new camera I was using. The picture in this listing

    is a little more closer to the true color.

    Laura Ashley's Tilbury pattern is owned by Kravet and they have a wholesale line called Portfolio Textiles. Same fabric, different name on the selvage and about 1/2 the cost but same fabric. So what is on Calico Corners site is probably the same fabric as Laura Ashleys. Also Calico Corners tends to not list the fabric line just the pattern name but it is the same fabric. I have boughten from them in the past.

    The Khanjali is a linen blend and the Tilbury is an attractive cotton basketweave.

    I hope this helps to clarify the two fabrics.

    Thanks, Cindy

  2. Thanks for the information, Cindy! I had no idea about the wholesale Kravet line - really good to know.