Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living Area Inspirations

Although it doesn't have to be one grand room, I'm leaning towards apartments with an open concept living/dining area to them. 

I've posted these colors before when I was thinking of colors for my son's room.  Well, now that I get to redo the living area, I'm totally stealing this color scheme for that room and I'll come up with something else for Atticus's room.

It's from Sherwin Williams and I love it.  I wanted to go with brighter colors because of the white walls we'll probably be stuck with in a rental.

I haven't seen this rug from Urban Outfitters in person, but it's the right price ($48).  I'm thinking of putting two side-by-side under the dining room table to create a 8X6 rug.  The dining set is black and I'm still looking for the perfect fabric to recover the seat cushions.  I'm usually not an animal prints kind of gal, but lately these two have been really speaking to me - can't tell which one I like better.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #1 is on clearance, so whether has enough when I'm ready to buy, or whether I can score an additional discount might be the deciding factors.

In the living room area, I'm gravitating towards a graphic, yellow-based rug.  I love this one from Ikea:

The "Alvine Ruta" is 7'10"x5'7" and only $159.  That's usually a pretty good size for a rug, but if we need something smaller, I like this one from West Elm:

The 3'x5' "Andalusia Rug" is only $99.  That seems really small to me for a living room rug, but it all depends on the space - which is totally up in the air until we pick some furniture.  (They also have a 5'x8' for $229.)

We got rid of our old matched sofa and loveseat in the move.  They were khaki, slipcover-style from Ashley and we bought them used off of Craigslist for $300.  And they were worth every penny and more.  Talk about abuse - they lived through my son's toddler's years - not without a few scars to prove it.  I am totally over the idea of a matched set.  I would love to get a small sectional similar to Kyle's from Knight Moves, if it would work well in the space.

The color is perfect and I love the nailhead trim.  (Her entire house is perfect, by the way.  I have more pictures saved in my idea folder marked "Knight Moves" than just about every other website combined.)

West Elm has the "Blake Sectional" for around $2000 that looks fairly close.

Ikea has the much cheaper "Karlstad" in a beige for $998 (the white is only $698 - it might be worthwhile to buy it in white and then re-upholster in a fabric I actually like since I'm not crazy about the beige).  The Karlstad screams "IKEA!" to me, but Young House Love recently bought one and will manage to make it look chic, so there's always hope.

However, if a sectional won't fit, I love the swooped arms of this sofa:

And a pair of these Wishbone chair knock-offs from

I love the look of the natural wood and the fact that they won't take up a lot of visual space.  They're $196/chair, which isn't super cheap (or, as I like to say, "my kind of price"), but the real deal starts at $799 each over at Room and Board. 

If that doesn't work out I'd love to use this fabric by Dwell Studio for Robert Allen on a lovely reading chair, like this:

Maybe with a throw pillow made from Ty Pennington's new fabric:

As well as a few from this Kravet Ikat gorgeous fabric:

It's a whole lot of pattern and colors, but in my head it's turning out gorgeously.  One day I'll figure out how to make a mood board and actually put it all together visually before I start shelling out the cash.  But we need to find a new home first.  Prioritize!

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