Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obsession-Worthy Chairs

Yesterday I went over a little of my latest bedroom inspiration pictures.  Then I headed over here to read the premier issue of High Gloss, which is fantastic - instant, total love.  Except I kind of hate them a little for featuring these gorgeous pink lounge chairs.

They're my new obsession.  Not them exactly.  Because they're are $8000.  I'm obsessed with their third cousin cheap-o versions.  With beat-up upholstery so I can guilt-free redo them in fuchsia leather (hopefully they make such a thing?) for the new bedroom.  They are out there.  Somewhere.  Waiting for me.  I just know it.  I love that they echo the Barcelona chair, but a little more flirty with the rolled back.  (I do however like the legs on the Barcelona much better.)

Once upon a time I worked in a downtown office building and looked out all day at an arrangement of eight Barcelona chairs in the lobby.  This was back in the day before I knew what the Barcelona chair was and I just thought they were comfortable chairs.  This was the office where I met my boyfriend and when he would come visit he liked to jump over the Barcelona chairs hurdle-style.  We're classy folks.

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