Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Son's Room Inspiration

Lately I've been obsessing focusing so much on the living area and master bedroom, I haven't given much thought to my son's room.  We were in the middle of redoing it when we packed up, so I'm not starting from scratch like the other two areas.  I'm going to keep the very loose theme of "Retro Futuristic" as my inspiration point, but I think I'm going to go a bit more modern.

For example, in the old house we had an old (1920s) brass bed with a lovely patina.  It was already beat up a bit, so I didn't feel too badly about putting it through the abuse of a toddler.  However, since we're downsizing to a two bedroom, we are definitely going to be need of a set of bunk beds.

In my inspiration folder, I save lots of bunk rooms.  They're adorable...

Traditional Home Magazine

... but maybe not too practical for us since our kids range from 18 to 4.  And we would be very lucky to find a second bedroom big enough for two sets of bunk beds and lots of room to play plus toy storage.

I want to build this set from

(based on Land of Nod's Clark & Addison Bunk Bed):

And paint it a bright orange like this inspiration picture (LOVE!):

I've had my eye on this comforter from Land of Nod for quite a while:

But I might end up doing something in a solid with some cool pillows (much like the orange bunk bed picture) and pairing it with this set of sheets from Target (only $18.99 for a twin set):

My color inspiration is based largely on this CB2 bedding, only it's too girly for a boy's room:

Stuff that will stay includes the framed artwork I talked about here.  I'd love to actually buy a couple of more since Atticus is now really into the solar system.

And I bought this pair of small wingback chairs off of Craigslist forever ago ($20 for the pair) to recover.  Of course, I haven't touched them yet.

I'm thinking a solid green like this from

And I have two bookcases I built (from Ana White's plans) painted in "Mariner" from Home Depot's Martha Stewart line (at least I think it's Mariner - I don't have the paint with me to double check).

If I build any more storage, it'll probably be painted that color as well.

So that's where I am right now on my son's room.  What do you think?

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