Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Here's the bedroom that is serving as principal inspiration for my new master bedroom:

I found this mirror at Z Gallerie, and although it's completely different, I believe it would work well as a substitute:

Pierre Mirror $279

I like that it's not a starburst mirror and that it still has a tiny amount of gold trim.  But the price is a little yikes!  It's a fairly large mirror (34" overall diameter), so if something smaller is needed, I also like this one from Wisteria:

Octagonal Horn Mirror $199

It's only 12" in diameter, so much smaller. 

Aesthetic Oiseau found a great knock-off version at Kirkland's for $79!  And it has a 40" diameter.

Although it's already perfectly coordinated with the black and gold, I kind of like this version better (also at Kirkland's) - it would just need some painting.

$69.99 - slightly smaller at 32" diameter.
I'm still looking for more wallet-friendly options online and at stores like TJ Maxx, on Ebay and Craigslist, etc.  In the end I might end up with a starburst mirror after all.  I think so many of them are gorgeous (like the inspiration picture), they have simply been overdone.  I saw one advertised at the Dollar Tree the other day - and when that happens you have to think it's become less "classic statement piece" and more "fad we'll all hate in a year or so."

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