Friday, February 11, 2011

P. Kaufmann Treasure Island Fabric

Anyone with a son knows that the amount of cute stuff available for boys is at least 80% less than the cute stuff available for girls in just about every store you go to.

So I was thrilled to see this cute new fabric from P. Kaufmann's new Dream Collection:

Treasure Island, Teal Colorway, $12.98/yard

I love that it's soil and stain repellent as well - perfect for a boy's room.  Maybe some cute floor pillows?


  1. hi, kai! thanks for stopping by my blog!

    that fabric is perfect for boys! and i would love it with the bunk beds a little further down. we just took our bunk beds down :(. something to do with a three year old who thinks he's eight. those? those are fabulous, though!

  2. Thanks, Ellen! I'm still thinking of that great yellow bed. I am a little worried about the temptation with bunkbeds for my son as well - his favorite show is Wipeout and he likes to do a lot of reenactments.