Monday, September 13, 2010

Garage Sales

The boyfriend wanted to have a garage sale this weekend.  I must admit I was not in favor.  Not that I don't want to get rid of the piles of (nice) junk that seem to be reproducing all over our house.  But we live in a less-than-ideal spot for a garage sale.  We had one about a year ago and made a whopping $20.  Depressing.  We used to live in the best place ever for a garage sale - a fairly busy street in a not-so-affluent neighborhood.  We couldn't even get stuff out the front door before people were handing us money and carting it off.  We've been spoiled.

I'm happy to report that the boyfriend's garage sale (technically yard sale since we don't have a garage) was a success.  Finally.  Like in its fourth hour.  Once I had given up completely and went inside to take a nap.  We made 80% of our money from one customer - but sometimes that is all it takes.  Especially when only 5 people decide to stop, despite having two really popular sales going on to either side of us so I know there was a lot more shopping traffic in the area.  I think we just live too far off the road.  Garage sale shoppers hate getting out of their car and wasting time for a table of 1970s Christmas memorabilia - and only second to that do they hate driving down a long driveway where they can't see what's for sale (our case).

I was curious to see how our much bigger and more popular rivals were doing.  First I visited a much-advertised multi-family garage sale.  It was open both Friday and Saturday, so by the time I got there around eleven on Saturday they were looking pretty picked over.  They had some beautiful silverware - the real stuff - that I would have loved to been able to afford.  I managed to control my classic-movie-loving self and pass on the small porcelain replicas of Gone With the Wind's Tara and Twelve Oaks.  In the end I picked up two things:

                           (Here is supposed to be a picture of a white wooden T - the kind
                           that goes on a wall.  Only I forgot to take a picture of it and I don't
                           feel like going through the whole take a picture/upload it mess again. 
                           So use your imagination, please.) 

Could be seen as a totally random purchase since no one's name starts with "T" but I've been very inspired by Blogland to create an alphabet wall somewhere in my house.  25 cents.

And this!  $5!  Of course, I haven't checked it out yet so it might be $5 worth of non-working mechanical parts, but I'm an optimist and the people at the sale assured me that it worked.  Can you believe that the only two classes I regret not taking in high school are Home Economics and Shop?  I never learned to use a sewing machine and I'm constantly wishing I knew how to weld.  Okay, not constantly, but it's a super handy skill to be able to pull out of your bag of tricks.  Anyway, she looks a little rough, but I'm hoping to do great things with her.

Next I headed to the other rival garage sale.  It was in the parking lot of a local church and I arrived at the very end of their sale day.  A woman practically ran to meet me at my car and hand me plastic bags because they were selling everything for $1 a bag.  My kind of sale!  In fact, I should just start only shopping at garage sales from about 11-1.  Yes, most of the good stuff is gone, but everyone hates carting their junk home again, so you can always get what you like for a song.

I picked up this beauty.  Since I have no plans of going Tiki in my home decor, it will eventually get painted.

And these.  They are the exact same lamp, only different colors.  I've been wanting a matched pair for our bedroom so I grabbed them.  One still had a $60 price tag on it.  The golf balls on top will definitely be nixed.

This blue lamp thrown in for free (despite me trying to nicely turn the seller down since I have no place for it). 

Total cost = $3.  They were a little miffed that I didn't take them up on the offer and completely load up my plastic bags.  But I didn't feel right bringing home a new load of junk when the boyfriend had worked so hard all morning to clean out the junk we already own.

Anyone else score big this weekend?

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