Thursday, September 9, 2010

Perfect Entryway

I adore Craftsman-style homes.  They're so charming.  I love that the style has come back in a big way with new construction homes.  Only, most of the ones we can afford are very plain Jane on the inside (they're cheap for a reason).  We took a home tour a couple of months back in my dream neighborhood and I was a little bummed that from the inside it looked like any other suburban home.  What I want is this:

Hello, Gorgeous!

I dream of finding a home with an awkward hallway or just a huge empty room when you first walk in so that I can one day recreate this look. 

It's pictures like this that make me want to build my own house.  My parents built my childhood home themselves and they still live in it.  The funny thing is that my mom went through a phase where she hated the fact that they built their own house.  She said that about 5 years into it you start wishing that you had done everything differently.  Which is a statement that makes me realize I am fulfilling the adage of turning into my mother.  I can't even decide on a color palette for a room without wanting to change it the next time I see a pretty picture.  But this entryway - I don't know who could regret something that beautiful.

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