Friday, September 17, 2010

Industrial Light

The overhead light in my son's room is in a bizarre place.

Who puts a light right up against a wall?    The room luckily has some pretty decent natural light, but this placement means at night it's a fairly dark room.  The light is also pretty ugly.  And since I'm going to repaint the lime green ceiling anyway, I decided it would be a good time to get a new light as well.

I knew right away that I didn't want to have the boyfriend (my go-to electrical guy) go through the trouble of moving the light box.  Instead I decided to look for a pendant light that could be swagged out to the center of the room.  I also knew that I wanted to go for an industrial look for a more masculine feel.

Shades of Light had some great options, but they were either too small or too expensive.

Outdoor Bulb Glass Nautical Pendant, $99

Nantucket Pendant, $105

Fresnel Glass Pendant, $189

First Class Period Pendant, $349 (on sale)

I found some cool cage ones on Etsy.

Old Wire Cage Hanging Light, $48

Wire Cage Light, $175
But I really liked these two options from Pottery Barn Kids.

Fisherman Ceiling Lamp, $69

Depot Ceiling Lamp, $89

If you are looking for lights, a good tip is to always check out kids' stores.  They usually have much better prices than regular home stores.

I really loved the last one.  But I'm cheap.  Frugal.  Whatever.  And although that's a good price if it was for a house I owned - the chance of us taking it down and moving it with us to the next house are slim to none.  So, that makes $89 (which is a good price) something to reconsider.  So, wanting to pull the trigger but not quite being able to, I looked at one more place.  My go-to cheap home store - Ikea.

My family and friends in Louisiana don't have an Ikea.  The closest one is Houston's (with which I have a love-hate relationship).  I'm not sure why a company with such brilliant ideas can't understand that they would make a fortune in Louisiana.  Just the amount they would have sold post-Katrina would have been enormous.  I know, because my mom had an antique store that after Katrina was turned into a resale shop - people needed everything.  Everyday my mom had customers who would come in saying things like, "I went to make pancakes and I realized I don't have a spatula."  Anyway, Louisiana needs an Ikea - I'm just putting that out into the internet universe and hopefully someone will hear it.

Back on topic, I found this light that not only fit my criteria, it was cheap as well.


$29.99 baby!  I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it that same color - I'm leaning towards not but I want to get the room painted first.  So right now it's still in the box (big surprise).

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