Monday, November 7, 2011

Rummage Finds

I attended my first church rummage sale this weekend.  I've heard before that rummage sales have the best deals and this one reaffirmed it.  Everything was super cheap.  The only downside was there wasn't much there that I wanted.  It never hurts to be overly selective anyway when you're shopping. 

My modus operandi is to pick up things that I like (so no one else can grab them) and then re-evaluate them later once I've seen everything the sale has to offer.  More often than not I decide to pass on about half of the things I picked up.  I always ask myself, "Did I want or need this before I came here?"  That really helps with the impulse shopping.

Here's what $6 got me:

Two bolster foam inserts and a decorative box. 

I'm going to sew covers for the bolster pillows and use them on the twin beds in my son's room.  At 38 inches they're the perfect fit (a twin is usually 39 inches wide). 

The box is my latest attempt to buy more decor objects for the house.  Since I'm still only 17% done with the big furniture pieces in the house, a lot of times I forget to buy little pretties to help dress up shelves and tabletops.

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