Monday, November 14, 2011

Peacock Blue Twin Bed

A little bit of paint turns a ho-hum before...
Into a dramatic after!

Okay, not that dramatic.  Especially since I was way too busy last week to do anything but throw the frame into the front yard and snap a picture.  I'm also way too busy to properly maintain our yard - that's why it looks so depressing.  Although, to be fair, it was an unbearably hot summer and the grass only recently turned green again.  And that's my neighbor's crazy bush, not ours.  We call it "The Murder Bush" because it completely covers her front porch and if I was a nefarious murderer looking for an easy place to hide before leaping onto some unsuspecting person, that would be it.  We used to have one too, but they luckily removed it before we moved in.

Unfortunately, it left a large discoloration on the bricks.  You can see it directly behind the bed in this picture.  Anyone know how to get that off?  One day I'm going to add some curb appeal to our house and it would be nice if it didn't look so dingy.

Anyway, back to the bed.  I finished it a while back and everything was fairly straightforward except for my attempt at glazing.  It looked beautiful around the carving details, but when it came to large flat areas it just looked dirty.  I obviously wasn't doing something right.  Luckily, I only glazed the headboard, so I didn't have to repaint the entire bed.

I think it's super cute and wish I still had a girls' room so I could keep it.  I listed it for $125 on Craigslist and it just sat there.  Not a single e-mail.  Pretty discouraging.  I'm not used to things not selling right away, so I aggressively dropped the price to $75.  Not nearly the profit I was hoping for, but it must have been the right price because I suddenly had several buyers.  I love having back-ups, because anyone who has ever sold something on Craigslist knows about those annoying no-shows.

So here's the profit break-down:  I bought the bed off of Craigslist for $25.  I spent $25 (or $24.32 - something like that, after taxes) on a quart of Martha Stewart paint in Plumage and Minwax Wipe-on poly in Satin from Home Depot.  So, total investment, $50, for a $25 profit.  Not that great.  However, I had to buy the paint and poly anyway to finish another project, so my "glass half-full" brain likes to think of it as a $50 profit, which sounds so much better even if it's technically not true.

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