Friday, November 18, 2011

Overstock Stools

WTF, Overstock?  Why do you have such cute stuff that I feel I must have immediately because I'm afraid of it selling out?  And why is all just slightly out of my immediate budget?

I was perfectly happy with the Ikea stools we had picked out until I stumbled across these gorgeous ones at the

Adjustable Natural Fir Wood Finish Barstool $133
They are almost $100 more each than the Ikea stools.  That would be enough to give a sane person some pause.  Me:  Absolutely not.  Love them still just as much. 
They look very similar to these Restoration Hardware stools which are $100 more each.  So I'd like to think of the Overstock ones as a steal, really.

I briefly considered selling a kidney to finance an Overstock shopping spree, but that's probably not a good idea with diabetes running rampant in my family.  And I love my kid too much to sell him on the black market.  Hmmmm, maybe Santa Claus will be extra nice this year?

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