Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Hate You, Ralph Lauren

Reasons why I hate Ralph Lauren:

1.  He pronounces his name Lauren instead of Lauren (like my stepdaughter and the other 30 million people named Lauren). I don't care if his family has been doing that for fifteen generations, it still sounds pretentious to me.

2.  I will never forgive him or the powers that be for turning the Team USA's uniforms into walking advertisements for Polo.

Notice how F-ing big that crap is!

3.  Most recently, after 9 months of waiting I finally started receiving my free year's subscription to Elle Decor.  I got it so long ago, I'm not even sure how I scored it for free (MyCokeRewards maybe?).  So far I'm not incredibly impressed with the magazine (definitely like House Beautiful more), but since I frequently find pictures online marked Elle Decor that I like, hopefully it's just a one-off issue. 

Anyway, back to why I hate Ralph Lauren.  The back front cover is a huge ad for Ralph Lauren Home featuring this dining room.

Ignoring pretty much everything in the room except for the dining set, my first reactions was - that's pretty awesome and maybe I should just forget about the red dining chair idea and do some gold accents.

You see, being someone who finishes a project about once a year has disadvantages beyond the apparent "my house is in the middle of ten billion projects" look I've got going on.  One of the main ones is it allows you time to second-guess yourself over every little idea and inspiration.  All it takes is one pretty picture...

The jury is still out - sort of.  The black and gold is pretty, but maybe too sophisticated for our duplex rental.  And I really like the rug I'm currently stalking on Overstock, which would not look good with the table.  And maybe the thing I like best about the Ralph Lauren table are the brass feet.  Which you can totally DIY - if you're as crazy-talented as Bri:

However, they wouldn't look good on my dining set.  So, I'm fairly sure that I'm going to stick with the red - if I ever get enough balls to actually start painting them.  That reminds me of this quote from Betty White: 

Who doesn't love Betty White?

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