Monday, October 4, 2010

Saarinen tables

You learn something new everyday, right?

Well, today I learned what Saarinen tables are.  Modern, but very flexible, they work for lots of different spaces.  I love how they don't take up a lot of visual space.  Of course, I'm not quite sure how to say "Saarinen," so I won't be dropping it into any conversations.  But they're pretty to look at.

I especially love them as dining room tables because they leave so much room for your legs.

Stylists crack me up - who's sitting at these tables?  Thank you for positioning a giant plant in my face.

Or lantern.  Either is weird.

They also work well as coffee tables.

And especially well as side tables.

Real Saarinen tables are pricey.  But Ikea comes to the rescue once again.  Check out their "Docksta" look-a-like.  It rings up for $179. 
All pictures (except the Ikea one) are from DecorPad.

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