Monday, October 11, 2010

Only 20 More Days Until Halloween!

I started work on my son's Halloween costume this weekend.  He wants to be a mummy.

Actually, at first he wanted to be the drummer from Kiss (his favorite band - heavily influenced by the boyfriend's love of said band - I'm a Beatles girl myself).  So I started sketching ideas.  Pricing wigs and silver lame.  Looking for rocker boots in a toddler size. 

Then he decided to be a mummy.  Much easier.  Sigh of relief.

Then he wamted to be a vampire.  Which I nixed.  Because he's too young to wear the teeth - and without the teeth you're really just a creepy guy in a cape.

He was a little disappointed about not getting to be a vampire, so I decided to start the mummy costume and get him in on the process so he'd stop griping (he gripes a lot for a 4 year old - no idea where he gets that from).

I found this video online and I'm using it as my jumping off point.  So far we've got the strips ripped (sacrificed an old king top sheet we were no longer using - after trying a t-shirt sheet and discovering it wouldnt' work at all), dyed and dried.  Now I have to find him a white outfit to go underneath and pick up some spooky make-up. 

Mummy Makeup -
I like this look from Martha Stewart - but figure it would dry way too hard for a 4 year old to put up with - and it doesn't say anything about what to use to get glued paper towels off your face (including eyebrows) without taking half of your face off with it.

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