Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Online Fabric Shopping

I still haven't decided on a fabric for the dining room chairs.

Here's what they looked like when I first got them.

I finished painting them this weekend - LOVE!  They're now a beautiful satin black and look like a million bucks.  Well, they at least look like $200 bucks - which is $150 more than I paid.

The fabric looks more red in the picture, but it's actually a bright burnt orange.  And although I could make excuses that it works for Halloween, or that we're big UT fans, I want to change them ASAP.

I finally found a fabric that I really like.  A Waverly Sun N Shade fabric called Suva in Black. 

However, there is a problem.  I haven't seen it in person.  And while I was scouring the internet trying to find the best deal - I found that the color varies a lot from site to site. 

Here it is on FabricGuru.com ($7.08/yard if bought as a remnant piece):

That is the colorway I want.  The tan, brown and black would work really well in the space.  But here is the same fabric at Fabric.com ($10.98/yard):


We're back to a more tan color at Hancock's of Paducah ($9.58/yard):

However, at OnlineFabricStore.net, it is more green again. ($9.25/yard)

As much as I love buying fabric online because of the great prices, it's always best to see a sample before falling in love.  The color is so subjective to the lighting, camera, monitor settings, etc. 

I bought a sample from OnlineFabricStore.net ($1 a sample - no shipping).  So I'm waiting for it to arrive.  The sample is also good because this is an outdoor fabric - but I don't want it to feel too stiff or scratchy. 

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