Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Sorry about the lack of posting last week - a lot of stuff is changing in these here parts and I've been super busy.  I'll catch up soon, though - promise.

Here's my son in his homemade mummy costume. 

Let me tell you - he killed.  EVERYONE we passed would comment on his costume.  Which is very nice, but a little bit off-putting for this super adorable good witch standing right next to him.

That's my stepdaughter, Lauren.  Her mom made her costume (good job right? - and she was super smart for using hot glue).  Lauren asked me for some "witchy" make-up.  I'm not sure what that is - but I tried my best.

I regretted the decision to make a costume from about Minute 3 of the project.  I still haven't bust out the sewing machine, so it was entirely done by hand - which is a bitch.  I stitched the strips of cloth (a torn up sheet that I stained with tea) directly onto a pair of pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt so that he could take the costume on and off.  Because he's 4 and usually gives us 30 seconds warning that he has to go to the bathroom "really bad."  (Even if you asked him if he needed to go a minute before.)  Plus, we knew we were doing two nights of trick or treating.  These pictures are from a local mall event where the kids get to go from store to store.  Tonight is the real deal.  The most work came in making sure it looked like he was unravelling, but not letting the strips gap open.

As much as I second-guessed myself of my ability to finish the costume and/or get the look I was going for - as soon as he got the first compliment it was well worth it.  I might be hooked on making his costumes from here on out.

Hope you little ones get lots of candy tonight - because that's the cool part right?  Sending the kids to bed and getting a go at their stash?  Love me some Halloween!


  1. love the mummy costume how did you make it?

  2. Excellent mummy costume! I'm inspired to use it as a template for my costume next year. Way to go!