Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Old Dining Table

Yesterday, I listed our old dining table on Craigslist - so hopefully the money will come rolling in.

Everything looks off-center because I was trying to hide the gigantic wall of crap on the right.
 My mom got this set several years ago.  It was originally from Ashley Furniture, but she got the entire set for around $300 because of imperfections on the frosted glass top.  Although the set is more contemporary than modern, it was not really her style - so when she decided to change it out she was lovely enough to haul it all the way over from Louisiana for me.  What a great mom.

Yes, this is my half-assed attempt at staging.
 It has been well loved and abused during its stay here.  But I have to make room for the new set.  I do worry about the transition, though.  The old set was easy to clean - glass top and leather chairs.

I'm asking $150 - does that sound reasonable?  I hate trying to price things - I either want too much or too little.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get an offer soon!

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