Monday, September 10, 2012

What $13 Can Get You on a Saturday Morning...

Some recent cheap-o purchases:

This basket is really big - like, my 6-year-old could fit completely in it big.  I already had a basket in our living room as our "junk" basket, but I wanted to move it to the entry to put our shoes in when we first come home.  I got this baby at Goodwill to replace it.  $4. 

I happened upon the funniest neighborhood-wide garage sale this weekend.  There were a good many houses participating, but I swear, 90% of them had about 3 things out in the driveway.  I went to one house and bought two sets of toys and instantly cut their "inventory" in half. 

I bought this print at one of the houses in the neighborhood sale.  The artist was a sweet older lady selling off a lot of her prints super cheap - mostly $1 - $5.  I bought this one for $3, including mat.  It was a signed, dated and numbered print of her first etching, "Moby Dick."  I need lots of black and white art for the media wall I'm envisioning.  Now I'm looking for a frame.

By the way, the most aggravating thing about shopping garage sales are people who use signage with lots of writing.  Here's my tip - use arrows and keep the writing minimal.  Most people don't know where "Random Oak Lane" is, but they can follow an arrow while still driving their car at a normal speed.

I got the next two items at the same moving sale.

Brass napkin rings - 8 for $1.  Maybe it's kind of silly to have several different sets of napkin rings when we rarely use cloth napkins?  The boyfriend definitely thinks so.  I think they're pretty - case closed.

These are candle pillars in the prettiest shade of blue-green and they are very substantial.  I'm not crazy about the faux aging (rust spots and crackled glaze) but they are definitely pretty and for only $5 I couldn't resist.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that I was actually shopping for, but I'm pretty happy with my weekend finds.  Anyone else find some cheap second-hand deals lately?

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