Monday, September 3, 2012

Tree Shopping

So I murdered a hibiscus tree.  It wasn't planned or anything.  I assumed if I remembered to water it every-so-often, it might last longer than a week.  I was wrong.

Only the best photos for this blog.  You're welcome.
I don't even have a before picture, that's how quickly I managed to kill it.  Given the fact that my kid is still alive after 6 years, I can't be that bad at keeping things alive.  Maybe I was overly cocky after so much success with our backyard garden?  Maybe the people in Wal-Mart's garden section foresaw it's doomed future and that's why it was only $10?  Whatever the reason, I still needed some greenery for the living room.

Yesterday I went to Ikea and saw this.

"Oh, I don't want a ficus.  Wait, maybe I should read the fine print."

A fiddle leaf fig tree?  For $12?

Okay, maybe tree is a bit of an exaggeration - it's more of a bush right now.  I picked the tallest of the bunch and it's still only about 2 feet tall.  But one day, one day it will look like this.

Abode Love
Because I'm not going to murder this one.  Cross my heart.

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