Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Glasses (For Real!)

I came upon a really good deal and thought I would share it with any vision-impaired readers I might have.

If you're a first-time buyer, you can get a free pair of eyeglasses from

The catches: 

You can only choose from frames that are less than $95 (excludes their "luxury" frames). 

You have to pay shipping costs (about $15). 

And if you want thinner lenses (standard are included) or scratch resistant coating, you have to pay for those.  However, I thought the upgraded lens costs were pretty cheap as well.  I have terrible vision, so I need the "ultra thin" and it was only a cost of around $60 after shipping.


I was a little wary about buying glasses without trying them on since I have an enormous round head, but since I wear contact 95% of the time and only need glasses for around the house at night, I decided to risk it.  Hopefully they'll be a good fit (fingers crossed).


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    1. Glad to hear it! I got mine today and I'm really pleased with the quality - heartily recommend!