Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leopard Print Curtains - Part 1

Once upon a time, I didn't consider myself an animal prints-type of person.  Then I started contemplating zebra print curtains for the living room.  But the zebra print fabric I could afford was too repetitive for my taste, losing the organic quality that drew me to using an animal print in the first place.

Since leopard is so hot right now it was hard not to think of it as an alternative.  What is so ironic about this entire situation is that of all the animal prints, leopard is probably my least favorite.  I consider it a difficult print because it can so easily go from classic to trashy.  And the quality (usually determined by money - of which I have none) has a big factor on which side of the spectrum you're going to find yourself.

The last thing I want happening in my living room is this:

From Amazon, but thankfully unavailable.
Eventually, I found this fabric by Premier Prints that I actually liked - a lot.  Enough to think about it for four months and still like it.

Premier Prints Amazon Wheat
It's called "Amazon" in the Wheat color.  I was drawn to it because of the color palette (not your traditional leopard print) and the hope of it reading as a soft, organic pattern.  After months (literally - I picked it out in November) I finally decided it was worth the risk and bought 3 yards to try out.

They arrived last night and I couldn't wait to tack them up to see how it looked.  Hot or hoochie mama?

Ignore the chair, it's not stylish but does a great job of camouflaging our Wii Rock Band equipment.
What do you think?

Okay, I don't really care, because I'm digging it.  Although I did call my neighbor over just in case I was wearing the "been thinking about this possibility for four months and don't want to start all over from scratch" blinders.  She liked it and totally got the textural look I was going for and the boyfriend even approved.  Shocker, I know.  Although I did have to give him several stern warnings that this means absolutely no other "jungle" related decor because there's possibly nothing I hate more than a themed room (unless it's on Disney property).

Here's a close-up.  It's a bit thicker than I was hoping for (I was hoping for more of a linen feel and this is more of a canvas texture).  But I feel like the online sample pics were very accurate to the real thing.  And for $7.75 a yard, it's a pretty good deal for this much impact.

I'll be adding a wide black border to polish them off (and of course sewing them into proper panels, not just tacking them up with pushpins).  I'm so excited about the outcome, I'm even excited about buying the other 21 yards and sewing (or, let's be honest, probably hem taping and fabric gluing).  So I give you permission to give me hell if you check back in April and I'm still not finished.  Okay, maybe May, depending on whether or not my son does soccer this spring.

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