Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's Up, Wednesday?

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day!  We went to my son's school for his Valentine's party - otherwise known as Sugar Fest 2012.  I loved seeing him in his element, although it still hurts a little that he has an entire life separate from my own that I'm largely clueless about unless he fills me in on it.  We got to meet his "girlfriend" (who's in 4th grade - cradle robber!) and see him give her a Valentine.  It was just about the cutest thing ever, especially when he was followed out of the class by about ten fourth grade girls oohing and ahhing over him.

The boyfriend bought me this planter at Ross's for my present (although I might have twisted his arm all of the way to the cash register.)  I can't get a good pic, but it's gorgeous - metallic and reflective.  And a lot bigger than it looks in the picture (14" wide x 11" tall).  Ross had a wonderful selection of planters when we went - and nicely priced (mine was $16.99).  I'm trying to get a few planters together and actually plant something this spring.  I really want to grow bell peppers and some herbs, as well as some pretty flowers.

The boyfriend also got me a card that made me cry (and I'm not usually a sappy Hallmark cry baby).  It was exactly the right words to sum up our relationship.  Hallmark, taking full advantage of the fellas on Valentines, charged him $8 for a card - a card!  I joked with him later that he should have bought the cheap card and just copied the poem from the expensive card.  Futher evidence that I am, by far, the cheapest person alive.

Anyway, I'm slowly accumulating stuff for the house.  I wish I had the cash to redo a room completely, but right now we're just adding a few things here and there.  Since I couldn't find a sample, I bit the bullet and finally ordered a few yards of the leopard material I want for curtains, so we'll see if I like it when it gets here. 

I also found this pharmacy-style lamp at Goodwill for $10.

I love it, although it will eventually be moved to a reading chair (yet to be purchased) on the other side of the room.  As you can tell, the base is kind of ugly, so I'm going to try to camouflage that with a side table or something.  The on-off switch is missing (that's what you get for $10), but our living room has switch-controlled outlets, so it hasn't been a problem so far.

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