Friday, June 3, 2011

Zebra Curtains?

I hardly recognize myself.  I was once the girl who would never even think of anything animal print for her house or her wardrobe.  And now I'm looking at this and thinking, "That could work..."

From The Designer's Attic

Despite what Carson Kressley says, I don't usually think of zebra as a neutral.  But in this case, I think it works wonderfully as a neutral print since everything is pretty monochromatic.

Premier Prints makes a zebra print in a lot of colorways for cheap.  I'd have to see a sample to see if they would read as elegant as the inspiration picture, but I think they're a good alternative to the real thing (Clarence House Od Zebra, $35/yard). These are the two I would want samples of:

Tunisia Kelp/Denton

Tunisia Kelp/Linen

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