Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Buffalo Check Bandwagon

Up until now, I thought I had resisted drinking the kool-aid on the "Buffalo Check is so Current!" bandwagon.  Nothing against buffalo check - every pattern has its place - I just hadn't been as blown away by it.  Until...  WTF?  The HGTV Dream House?  Really?  That's going to be what gets me on the buffalo check bandwagon?

First, let me clarify that I think the designs for the HGTV Dream Home giveaways are usually dreadful.  Like, would sell the furniture and start all over if I ever got lucky enough to win.  They all feel like what they are - brand new houses filled with brand new furniture, meant to be pleasing to 80% of the population.  I get it, I just don't like it.  I hate pretty much everything about the design of this room.  I mean, I'm super patriotic and all (I read American history books for fun) but even I wouldn't want to be getting my dirty on below Old Glory. 

But that carpet!
Wall-to-wall buffalo check.  Who would have thought? 

Maybe something much smaller in size - like a bathroom mat?  I even like the idea of the striped curtains as a shower curtain.

Did anyone else see something they liked on the home tour?  I didn't watch the entire thing, so I can't really comment except to say the great room's rock walls look cool but would probably be really cold most of the year.

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