Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lots o' Randomness

First off, I have cedar fever like a mother f***er - so lately I've been feeling like a complete zombie.  (Yay drugs!)  Well, a zombie that sneezes a lot, has blotchy skin and whose eyes are itchy.  Oh, the joys of living in Austin - the 100+ degrees during the summer, the complete inability of people to drive while it's raining, and the cedar pollen - how I love thee so.  Anyway, I'm hesitant to even attempt a blog post since I'm not sure if I can string a complete sentence together, but here goes...

Basically, there are some sales going on you might want to know about.  Bath and Body Works has their 70% off sale on right now - you can snag their signature collection body lotions, body wash, and sprays for $3 (usually $10.50).  I did this deal last year and for some reason decided to buy all body wash.  Not the brightest idea (still have about 4 bottles left) - so this year I went for the spray and lotion, so my stash will be more even.  You can pair the sale with a 20% off coupon code - lots of them out there but I used GIFT20.

And did you know about Home Depot clearancing out Martha Stewart paint?  Since I'm in zombie land, I'm not completely sure if they're getting rid of her paint all together or just getting rid of her current stuff (like, if they were going to do a can redesign or something).  But I did stand in front of the paint chip wall and take like 80% of them for a handmade paint deck.  I'm still upset that I didn't get her colors when she was at Lowes because I liked that palette more.  I wasn't sure what percentage I would get to before my "I'm being a super nerd and just need to walk away" gene kicked in.  Looking back, 100+ paint chips was probably way over that nerd alert (even if I did get my son to do half of the dirty work for me so I could hope people  would believe we were just having a cute mom/son/artsy moment) and I should have just got one of each - like a military coup - in and out.

Finally, our car was recently in the shop.  And not all that surprising if you knew what kind of luck we've been having lately, it has decided to basically fall apart while we are still driving it around.  The radiator went out 2 days after we got it back from the shop.  (Yeah, it's been that kind of year so far.)  Anyway, I am super lucky to have a mechanically-gifted boyfriend who can do stuff like replace a radiator while I have total girl moments like "What is this?  What does that do? Do you even need this?"  I bought the radiator from Advanced Auto Parts, but bought it online and picked it up at the store.  Managed to save 35%, get a mail-in rebate, and a coupon for $50 off our next purchase of $100 or more.  The lady told me that any purchase over $20 is usually cheaper if you buy it online and then pick it up.  I thought that was good to know, so I'll pass it along.

I've been looking at lots of pretty pics of bedrooms lately, so I'll try to get a less-wordy post out to you soon.  Lots of love and allergy medication!

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  1. Ooo thanks about the tip about martha stewart's paints! Love her color palette but not the paint itself. I'll have to collect her paint chips as well...