Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Wanna see something scary?

My photoshop skillz!!!

I'm helpless with Photoshop and I'm not quite sure why since I'm really good with PaintShopPro (which I unfortunately don't have anymore).  But I love playing around on it to help visualize the ideas kicking around my head.

In this latest misadventure, I truly believe I've settled on an idea for our entryway.  I love having a separate entry (albeit a small one) and want to define it more, cozy it up a little.  Since I'm not supposed to paint, I'm thinking of using black contact paper cut into broad stripes.  Look how chic it looks in this pic from a New York Times article:

"On the Cheap" - NYTimes
They're brown stripes done with vinyl, but you get the picture.

I'll be back tomorrow with pics of my son's super cute, homemade $5 costume.

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