Monday, October 10, 2011

Dining Room Rugs

Two rug options I'm mulling over for the dining room.  They're both on Overstock, so we'll see if I manage to save up and buy one of them before it disappears.

Hand-woven Yoki Jute Rug - $152 (on sale)
This one is fairly bland, but that's a good thing.  I don't want anything to busy or bright, just an anchor for the table and chairs.  Pros:  The color is just what I was looking for, natural fibers are durable, I like the subtle chevron pattern, nice price.  Cons:  Maybe too small - it would work, but I think I'd rather a 6' x 9'. 

Before I show you the next one, I'm going on a major tangent, complete with pictures.

This weekend we watched the OU/Texas game at one of the boyfriend's friend's house.  I wish I had brought my camera, not just for the great family-time pics, but because the house was Ah-mazing.  They bought this fairly run-down 1950s ranch house about 25 years ago and have been steadily renovating it. 

Luckily one of our friends did have her camera.  This is the view from their pool area - where we watched the game in their gazebo/bar.

This is (a very low) Lake Travis - the white part on
the island is all usually underwater.
Here's my son playing in the pool.  We didn't bring bathing suits, so I let him play in his underwear.  Then I posted it on the internet.  I'm going all out for Mom of the Year.

Anyway, here's how we circle back around to rugs.  The friends are wrapping up their latest renovation - adding a 1200 sq. ft. office space/second floor (you can see some of the windows in the above picture).  They are using it as the corporate headquarters of their business now, but when they move it'll be a master suite.  While we were touring the space, I kept fixating on the carpeting - this lovely tone-on-tone diamond pattern.  I've seen versions of it before, but never realized how much I liked it.

So when I was searching for other carpet options last night, I decided to try a diamond pattern and found this one I really love:

Hand-woven Diamond Jute - $126 (on sale)
It kind of blows the first one out of the water - if (and this is a biggy) it is more of a gold color than either yellow or orange.  It's bigger (6x9), less expensive, and I like the pattern more.  So I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it will still be there in a couple of weeks.  It's kind of risky, since I won't know if it's the right color until it gets here - and return shipping from Overstock is kind of ridiculous.  So we'll see. 

To be continued...

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