Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Dining Chairs

Picked up these babies this weekend.  Free!

The boyfriend did a fair amount of eye rolling when I brought them home.  I can't really blame him, but I see the potential.
When I started taking off the seats and springs, I figured out they were stuffed with straw!  How old are these chairs? 
I think they're oak, and I was hoping to refinish them, but two of the legs have pretty significant gouges that will have to be filled.  So I'll probably paint them.  I definitely want to do a fun fabric on the backs.  Here are some inspiration pictures:

Honey and Fitz did an amazing job with some fun Chiang Mai material.  I love her use of faux ostrich for wipeability.

via Lovin That
Jessica Waks' Hollywood Glamour dining room.  Probably would be the easiest to resell - people keep trying to buy my black dining set and it's not even finished. 

I love the more traditional chairs paired with the modern table and modern fabric choices.  But ugh - more black oil paint.  My life would be okay if I never tackled a black oil paint project again.

Sarah 101
Sarah Richardson can do no wrong.  Will you believe that the homeowners actually changed the chairs after the show?  I think they make the room.  Here's the ones the homeowners ended up keeping.  (I'm also not a fan of the generic-looking switched out artwork.  But whatevs - it's their house.)

Rambling Renovators

Here's a better picture of the Sarah chairs.  Going this route would depend on finding two great patterns that work well with each other.  I have no delusions that I could do it as well as Sarah, so I'll probably choose a safer route.

I want to find a table to go with them first, and that will greatly influence the makeover process.  So, look forward to this project to be completed sometime in 2013.

Do you have a favorite?

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