Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 - Whoo Hoo!

Yesterday was my birthday!  31 isn't all that exciting of a birthday, especially when you wake up with a head cold.  However, in many ways I felt like it was a big milestone birthday for me.  My 30th year was rough in several different ways and I was glad to shut that chapter and be able to move on.  A big part of that starts with me finally getting a job offer (on my birthday - lucky me!).  I'm going back to teaching preschool, which I love but pays peanuts.  So don't think I'll be turning my back on my frugal ways anytime soon - however, I am looking forward to shopping!  For fun!  Because I want something, not just out of necessity!  I've already started the list of things I want around the house and hope to start churning out more furniture redos now that I have some capital to invest.  I have an idea of taking a $100 investment and using it to keep flipping furniture until I have enough to buy a big item like a new TV or enough to pay for our couch reupholstery.  Not to mention Christmas is right around the friggin' corner.  When did that happen?

So here's to new beginnings and new projects! (Imaginary toast) 

P.S. I'm always a little surprised by what free stuff you get on your birthday.  Not presents, but just free swag like a $10 gift certificate to a local restaurant, and a free night's rental at Redbox.  I'm not one of those crazy people who runs all over town trying to score free stuff, but if they mail (or e-mail) it to me, I'll gladly accept.


  1. Toast!
    And congratulations on the new job!!
    My husband got a $15 gift certificate to Express for his birthday... I'm going to steal it ;-)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Kai!! And congrats on the new job!! That's a pretty awesome birthday gift. ;)