Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack

I have a big blank wall in the dining room that just screams for a china cabinet.

(Here is where I would post a picture, but unfortunately the boyfriend borrowed my camera and now it isn't working.  He's up there with my mom, who breaks something every time she visits - this time the vaccuum cleaner.  They're both lucky I love them so much.)

I've been halfheartedly searching Craigslist for one, but not finding anything I'm in love with.  The problem is I'm very torn between doing something big and ornate, like turning an old armoire like this one into a china cabinet by adding some glass.

Or getting an ugly square oak entertainment center (which are constantly listed for super cheap) and painting it to look similar to this:

But I stumbled across Maillardville Manor's gorgeous bookcases in her library and now I'm sold on an Ikea hack.  (What's with me and Ikea these days?  Can't I go a post without mentioning them?  Obviously not.)

She took five Billy bookcases and some trim and made them look like built-ins.  Here's the full tutorial

I would love to do this same set-up, but with the 80-inch tall bookcases instead.  Then I'm thinking of mirroring the backs and maybe even doing a few glass shelves and/or doors on the two bigger bookcases.

Billys aren't the best for a china cabinet because they're only 11 inches deep, I think.  But since most of my "china" is barware anyway, I think I can make it work.

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