Monday, July 18, 2011


We have a small breakfast bar area between the kitchen and dining room.  Unfortunately, because we don't have barstools, it has become "the ledge to put stuff on and leave it there forever."  So, I'm on the lookout for barstools that will hopefully increase the bar's functionality.  Although (let's be honest), I'm pretty sure it'll always be a little bit of a catch-all spot.

The boyfriend is very excited about the barstool shopping experience.  Why?  No idea.  But he's very opinionated.  I initially wanted to go with these stools from Overstock.

Overstock's Tabouret 30-inch Stools
 They're very similar to the Tolix stools, but only $102 for 2.  I like their industrial vibe and I definitely want stools without a back.  The boyfriend quickly vetoed them.  I think his reaction was something like, "Those are the ugliest stools I've ever seen in my life."  No go.

The boyfriend keeps bringing up his mother's barstools, which look very similar to these (also from Overstock).

Metropolitan Red Barstool
I have to admit, that they're incredibly comfortable.  She moved a couple of years ago to a place without a bar, but has been hanging on the bar stools.  So I think the boyfriend thinks he can talk her into giving them to us - and free is nice.  But they're just too contemporary for me.

Last weekend, I spotted these cool stools at Ikea.  And (big surprise!) the boyfriend doesn't hate them.

Ikea Dalfred Bar Stool
They're not insanely comfortable, but they adjust up and down which is a must with kids of varying heights.  And they're only $40 a pop, which isn't too shabby.  I think we've found a winner, but (as always) until we buy them it's still up in the air.

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