Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5th Birthday (Tear, Tear)

My baby turned 5 yesterday.

From last summer - but it's my fave picture.
 We had a very low key day since we've been celebrating his birthday the entire month (quite literally).  He got a few presents at the beginning of the month because of my mom and sister's visit.  Then we gave him his big present (a new set of golf clubs) early so he could go golfing with his dad.  Last week, we had cake while his big brother was in town and also went out to eat with his grandmother and got a new big boy car seat. 

So yesterday he opened the few remaining gifts, which included a Bozo Bop Bag.

It borderlines on creepy, but my son likes to fight with his dad - a lot.  And we're not talking cute baby punches.  My son would have no problem taking out a full-grown man (if he wasn't still small enough to pick up and move out of the way).  So I thought this might give the boyfriend a break.  It was only 50 cents at a garage sale, brand new in the box. 

Poor Bozo - he never saw it coming.

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