Friday, June 17, 2011

Preppy Bedroom

I've been at a loss for inspiration when it comes to ideas for the master bedroom.  Desperate, I asked the boyfriend what colors he thinks we should use.  He suggested green and I liked it.  We don't have green in the living area, and just a couple of pops of grass green in my son's room.  A couple of minutes of fabric (window) shopping later, and I was sold on a vision of a blue and green bedroom. 

Annie Selke makes a lovely coordinated line - perfect for pillows.

Annie Selke Seema Bluemarine

Annie Selke Links Indigo

Annie Selke Happy Poppys Blue Marine

Annie Selke Pearls Citrus

I also like this Iman fabric for drapes - velvet trellis!

Iman Sultana Lattice Luna

It reads pretty preppy, though - which is not how I would describe our style.  At all.

I thought about maybe adding a fancy carved headboard in bright pink, just for a dash of fun.  And to take advantage of the boyfriend's declaration that I can decorate the bedroom however I want.  I'm sure he wasn't thinking I'd ever want  a hot pink bed - but whatevs.

Then I came across Design Manifest's gorgeous color combo of pink and orange, and it made me want to scrap the entire blue/green thing and start all over.  Too bad that Schumacher fabric is $250 a yard - yikes!

So, to recap, I still haven't decided on a color scheme for the bedroom and it will remain a giant beige box for the near future.  Actually, it'll always stay a giant beige box because we rent and can't change the walls, ceiling or carpeting.  But you can put pretty things in a beige box - and that's the goal.

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