Monday, June 6, 2011

Serena and Lily Ronan Duvet

Saw this picture on The Shabby Nest and fell in love with the striped duvet.

I especially love the touch of green in the piping.

It might just be perfect for my son's room.  If only it wasn't $150 each duvet cover.  Which is expensive enough for one, but I need two.

Damn you, Serena and Lily - why do you always make such cute stuff that I can't afford?

However, it looks pretty simple to duplicate.  You know, when I learn how to turn on my sewing machine.  And then thread it.

I'm not completely sold yet.  I'm worried it would read too nautical.  Whereas I want it to read more modern.

Meanwhile, we had a semi-productive weekend.  We had another garage sale and managed to make about $130, despite our big ticket item being a $15 TV.  I did a little thrift store shopping in hopes of finding another project piece, but despite finding two campaign dressers I came away empty handed.  One of the dressers was laminate and the other was missing hardware.  Boo.

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