Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Art Ideas

I'm in search for inspiration for a big piece of art for above my sofa.  We're talking really large. 

From Ebay

Originally, I was feeling some suzani love.  Yes, suzanis are everywhere - but they should be.  Because they're gorgeous and have been around for centuries.  So I think they'll survive this latest craze.  Plus I like the idea of juxtaposing my retro couch with something handmade and ethnic.  But then I bought the ikat fabric for the ottoman and I'm still considering the zebra curtains - so I don't want it to feel like World Market threw up all over the place.  But, I'm still considering it for the dining room, maybe....

I also toyed with the idea of DIY abstract art.  Nicole at Sketch42 did a post about a cool artist who does spin art - like when you were a little kid.  (But now I can't find it anywhere, so you'll just have to take my word for it.)  We actually have one of those spin art machines, so I thought that would be a kinda cool family-oriented art project.  I also really love her painting printed on lucite - maybe worth attempting as a DIY project?

From Sketch42
And I thought about a Chinese screen - if I could find this exact one I would be in heaven.  But they don't pop up that often in my price range.

From Luisa Design - her house is uber cool and thrifty!
My latest ideas have centered on pop art - especially something a little quirky or whimsical.  Like giant circus art.  I have a picture of an acrobat or trapeze artist in my head, but since I'm no artist, I'm going to have to search around until I find something close enough.

Circus: Equilibrists Digital ID: TH-02834. New York Public Library

I like these guys, except for the dumbfound expression on their faces.  But I really love the Art Deco feel - and the print is free from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, so they might show up somewhere else in my house.

From Zazzle
 This is the closest thing I've found to the image in my head.  The colors are perfect.  Unfortunately, even it's "huge" size isn't big enough, so I'm thinking of using it as a guide to make my own version (and taking the chance to tone down the lady's harsh facial shadowing). 

The boyfriend is not sold on this idea at all, by the way.  So, there's a good chance it'll change by next week.

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