Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ikea Through the Ages

Is there a better design duo out there than Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe?  I love their sense of style, her ability to mix high and low effortlessly, and his wicked sense of humor.

How crazy-awesome is this seating?
Sarah and Tommy recently took a trip to Denmark and Sweden.  While in Sweden they visited the first Ikea as well as the Ikea Museum.  That's right, an Ikea Museum!  He posted these awesome room set-ups that represent Ikea products through the ages.  "Like" him in Facebook - you won't regret it.

The '60s
Ikea - Mad Men style.  Can you believe how awesome those chairs are?  I want two right now.

The '70s

The '80s

This one isn't that different from what you would find in Ikea today - Lack tables and a Klippan sofa.

Has anyone else added the Ikea Museum to their bucket list?

All photos by Tommy Smythe.

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