Friday, May 27, 2011

Yay! Friday!

I'm a stay-at-home mom, so Fridays don't mean nearly as much to me as when I was a working woman.  But they're still nice.  Mostly because the boyfriend works 6 days a week (he's my personal version of Superman) and Saturday is the one day he has off, so I look forward to Friday night rolling around.  However, this Saturday he has to work - boo.  Well, "Yay!" for money, heaven knows we need it.  Luckily he has Monday off for Memorial Day, so it'll balance out.

Speaking of money - I sold the chinoiserie dresser for $60 this morning.  Bought it for $20 and did absolutely nothing to it besides bring it home.  It actually sat on Craigslist for longer than I'm used to (almost 48 hours - shocker!) with only minimal interest, so I was beginning to wonder if I should drop the price.  Then I started thinking about keeping it.  It is probably a good thing that we didn't bring it inside the house or I would have.  Instead, a lovely lady came along who was tickled to get it and wanted to lacquer it up like the 1stDibs piece I spied.
I'm very happy that it's going to a good home.  Funny how attached I get to these pieces.

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend!

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