Monday, May 16, 2011

Opinion Please!!!

Hopefully someone reads this and would love to chime in because (as usual) I'm having a hard time making up my mind.

I found and bought this great cabinet today at Goodwill for $35.

It's hard to tell from this crappy before shot, but the front pulls out and you can add leaves to make a table.

Genius design - right?  Perfect for someone with a small space with no dedicated dining room, or for someone who does crafts and needs a table sometimes, or a million other houses.  So I bought it for resale.

The problem is that I want to spray paint it because of a few dings.  And so I can hopefully charge more.  I'd love to do a bright red like Jenny from Little Green Notebook.

I think it would look FABULOUS - but potentially not everyone wants to buy a bright red table.

Should I go for it?

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