Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Day

There are definitely perks to living in a materialistic, wasteful culture.  One of them is the ability (if you're lucky like I was today) to score totally cool stuff for free.

Found an ad for this West Elm rug on the free section of Craigslist and kicked myself that the boyfriend had just left for work and thus I, being car-less, would be missing out on a great score.

Wouldn't you know it that the boyfriend forgot his keys and had to come back home.  So I put on my best, sugary sweet cajoling voice and asked him to kindly take a detour and see if the rug was still there.  By this time the ad had been live for over an hour, so I was not too hopeful.

The boyfriend called about 30 minutes later to tell me that he had looked at the rug and decided not to take it.  "It's weird - the color is really dark on one side and really light on the other."

Despite being together almost six years, I'm not always good at telling when the boyfriend is actually being stupid or just acting stupid.  I definitely thought that he was falling into the former category.  Because even if he hated it, we could have resold it.  So I gently tried to explained to him that the look was "ombre" and that it was very current.  "Please go back and pick it up."  Not happening, he was almost home.

The boyfriend arrived and pouty face (me) went out to meet him, only to discover that he had picked up the rug for me like I asked.  Did I mention that I have the best boyfriend in the entire world?  Even when he likes to give me a hard time for no apparent reason.

The rug is HUGE!  9x12.  Which it turns out is the perfect size for a rug in our living room.  Stupid me was only looking at the more affordable 5x8 rugs, which I now realize would have looked completely dinky.

Best part - looked it up online and the original price was $759.  Sweet!

Combined with getting to watch the Survivor finale tonight (go, Rob, go!), it's a pretty good day at my house.  Hope you're having a good one too.

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