Thursday, June 21, 2012

My (soon to be) Awesome New (to me) Chairs

A while back I wrote about my desire to find some chrome director's chairs to recreate this little vignette in my living room.

Of course, I didn't find them. 

But I did find their incredibly dirty, super comfortable, begging for a makeover cousins at Goodwill yesterday.

$8 each.  Can you believe it was actually a set of 4 and I passed on the other two?

They don't fold up - so I guess they're really more "X Base" chairs - is that a thing? - than director's chairs.  Really solid - and the wood is in pretty great shape despite the fact that they've been stored in a garage (or worse) for years judging from the state of them. 

Right now I'm thinking of keeping the wood (obviously changing the upholstery - the pics make it look much better than it does in person).  However, I don't have a very clear vision about what I'll do to them.  Taking suggestions, people.

BTW, the boyfriend now thinks I have a chair issue.  Like I'm a chair hoarder just because I've accumulated 23 chairs in our 1000 sq ft duplex.  Eight of them are in the attic waiting to be transformed and sold, so they should hardly count right?

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