Monday, June 11, 2012

Kid Art

My son graduated from kindergarten at the end of May. I have been nothing short of astonished by everything he's done since about birth, but I cannot put into words how proud I am of his first year of school. I am definitely surprised at the kind of work he accomplished in kindergarten.  I spent most of kindergarten pretending to be the family dog in the play kitchen. My son comes home talking about antonyms and hypotheses.

With the end of the school year, came the enormous pile of accumulated papers and projects. A shopping bag full. I haven't made time to sort through it carefully and decide what to store and what to get rid off. My first idea was to get a collection of document boxes, one for each year. That way everything would be neatly organized and accessible even during long-term storage.

Classic Stockholm Office Storage Boxes - The Container Store
 However, I don't know if boxes, however colorful, would entice us to sit down and look through his work periodically.  So right now I'm leaning towards a binder of protective plastic sheets that we could flip through.  I would have to be much more discerning about what to keep and what to toss, but hopefully he won't hold it against me.

Dandee:  A Happily Crafted Life
 I also saw these file boxes on Pinterest and loved the idea and execution.  I'll let you in on whatever I decide.

While I was thumbing through his stack o' stuff, I decided to give two of his art projects the star treatment as a way to show him how much we value his hard work.

Please don't judge the dilapidated bookcase (on it's way out) or the hideous lamp (I keep buying vintage lamps to replace it, but they're all missing shades at the moment).  Or the fact that I have a big swastika on one book - I swear I'm not a Nazi, I just like to read history.

I got two Ikea Ribba frames at Goodwill for $3 each.  They are officially the fifth and sixth pictures I've hung in this house over the course of a year.  Sad, but true.  I need to get my butt in gear with the art department.

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